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Health Services

Blood Tests
Blood Tests

We partnered with premier UK laboratories to analyse your blood tests. The process starts with consultation to tailor the tests to your needs, followed by an appointment with our GP to interpret the results and devise any necessary treatment plans.

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Health Check
Health Check

If you want to be proactive about your health, you need a thorough understanding of your current state. Our Health Checks at Est-Health Clinic provide a comprehensive window into your overall well-being, enabling you to navigate your health journey with informed confidence.


Through a series of extensive blood and urine tests, medical examinations and physical assessments by our skilled clinicians, we empower you with a detailed health blueprint.

How it works

Book your appointment online

Visit clinic where a urine and blood sample will be taken

Results in 3 - 5 working days

GP consultation to discuss your results and next steps

What is included

Comprehensive blood test:

- Full Blood Count

- Heart Health

- Cholesterol

- Liver Health

- Kidney Health

- Diabetes Health

- Bone Health

- Iron Status

- Thyroid Health

- Vit B12, Folic Acid, VitD, Calcium

- Prostate Health/Ovarian Health

Physical Examination:

- Blood Pressure

- Heart Rate

- Oxygen Saturation

- Lung Capacity (Peak flow)

Hayfever Treatments

Do not miss out on life because of hayfever!

We recognise the toll hayfever can take on your daily activities. The ripple effect extends to your outdoor engagements and social interactions, diminishing your quality of life.

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we offer a targeted approach to managing hayfever symptoms. A notable treatment option is the Hayfever Injection, administered into a large muscle, typically the glute, with the aim to alleviate hayfever symptoms for up to three months.

We utilise Kenalog®, a prescription-only medication containing the active ingredient Triamcinolone. This treatment works by tempering the immune system response, particularly beneficial for those finding little to no relief from standard antihistamines or steroid sprays.

The provision of Kenalog® is subject to a thorough medical consultation to ensure its suitability for you. Booking an appointment does not guarantee an injection will be administered. Our clinicians will advise you the best course of action. 

Hayfever Injection

A hayfever injection is a steroid injection into a large muscle - usually the glute. The purpose is to reduce symptoms of hay fever for up to 3 months. 


It is sold under the brand name Kenalog which has Triamcinolone as the active ingredient. 


The injection works by suppressing the immune system to take away any symptoms which are persistent even after using regular anti-histamines or steroid sprays. 


It is a great alternative for people who have tried various over-the-counter and prescribed treatments with no success

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