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We raised £150 at our Yoga Wellness Event

On 5th of February Friday, Est-Ethics Clinic held an online event in support of Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.

Wellness is a holistic concept. Our body and mind should be in harmony not just with each other but also with our surroundings, our social circle. COVID-19 and lockdown, hit us in all three aspects.

In an effort to fulfil its ethos, Est-Ethics Wellness Clinic organised an event open to everyone. The clinic committed to donating £1 for each person completing the wellness session.

During the event, experienced yoga instructor Ms. Ilaria Bassi delivered an energetic session suitable for all levels of fitness.

Mr. Alp Oganalp, Director said: "It is vital to ensure we remember to look after our minds as well as our bodies. We feel privileged to be able to support GCHC in this challenging times and create an event that benefits both our clients and the children". Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow offers both health and wellbeing services including REVIV® IV Wellness Therapies and recently has been providing COVID-19 Travel Testing services. Clinic received a very positive feedback from it's clients and is currently in process of expanding to London and Edinburgh locations.

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