Day 2 Test

This is for Day 2 Test Kit only for returning from the green list countries or if you are returning from an Amber Country and you are fully vaccinated. 

You can check which countries are on the green list here. By completing this form, you confirm that you have checked that you are travelling from a green list country or that you are fully vaccinated returning from an amber list country.

Where to Get Your Test 

Getting a Test at Our Clinics

You can have your Day 2 test securely in one of our clinics in
London Southgate or Glasgow City Centre. Alternatively, you can pick a kit for self-testing at Edinburgh Stockbridge Pharmacy

Your arrival date is day 0. You are allowed to attend a clinic for your testing as per government guidance.
If you choose to have your test in our clinics, we will not post the kit to avoid any postal delays.


Complete the form below indicating that you'd like an in-clinic test and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for you to attend. 

Using The Postal Service and the DropBox Network

Alternatively, you can ask for a postal service. Your kits will be sent with next day tracked delivery using Royal Mail on the day of your order if your order is <12:00pm.

We partnered with RANDOX, one of the largest laboratories in the UK delivering testing, and use their dropbox network for our returns. You can find the closest drop box to your location here. 

RANDOX Drop boxes are free to use and open 7 days a week.

Please take a picture whilst dropping your kits as evidence in case any problem arises. If you choose to use a different delivery method, we cannot take any responsibility for timely delivery or loss of your test kits.

Results are usually received the next day but on some occasions can take up to 48 hours
of you dropping your kit to a dropbox.

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